Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Classroom

This is Syd outside my classroom door. She says welcome to my mommy's classroom
This is where I work with one student
This was taken from the back of my classroom. You can see my desk and a book shelf in front of my desk. This holds all seasonal or holiday books.
These two wooden cabinets hold my games and art supplies
These two shelves hold my reading books and games.
If you look in the back you will see my backpacks and my easel.
This is a teaching board
Just moved my filing cabinets here to hold the TV.
Math teaching wall. Under the board I have a shelf build to hold all math supplies.
This is beside my math board it holds supplies
The brown cabinet holds cleaning supplies and you can see my fridge and microwave.
This is directly behind my desk. I just put some special memories of teacher gifts
from my mom and photos.
This is the future wall of a smart board can't wait.
I have never had such a clean classroom. I cleaned everything, however since then I have had to move everything as if I was remodeling. My air conditioner was not working. When the maintenance men came to fix it, the air container was rusted out and couldn't be fix. Luckily they found the part from somewhere. Now I just have a major flood beside the air conditioner. I keep mopping it up through out the day. I can live with that.

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