Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th of July Fun

Hey Sandy I love this photo how sweet!
Okay look at me I have gained at least 20 pounds. I have got to go on a diet.

This is the photos of the fireworks that Brent and the boys shot off. They loved it. The best was a little car once it was on fire it took off. There were fire works all around us for the three nights we stayed. You could most definitely tell we were in Tenn. The capitol of fireworks. Lelia, Syd and I also went out early on Saturday and tried to find yard sales. We found two. She both books and that was all that we found. We went to Opry Mills to the mall. We ate at Dave and Buster's this was like Gatti Town for adults. Sandy, Lelia, Syd and I went shopping. The best deals were from the Disney Store.

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