Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is GROSS!

Zack had a ear ache for over a month. The first time we went to the doctor he did not take his pills he did not like the taste. He did his own ear drops and I am sure it was not the correct way. When we visited Sandy he stayed up the first night crying until 3:00 in the morning. As soon as we got back to Hazard we went to the Vicco Primary Care Center (I love that place) so quick to get in and the most friendly and helpful workers. When Paige the PA came in and told me about Zack's ear I could of cried if I wasn't on Lexapro. I felt like the worst mom. I always try to ignore my children's sickness hoping they will get better with out going to the doctor. I thought what will I do if Zack loses his hearing. We took the medicine twice a day and ear drops twice a day. He laid in my lap and we pulled on his ear and put the drops in slow letting each one go in his ear. Okay if anyone needs to know about swimmers ear I am the doctor for that. Needless to say the ear drops started going down faster and the doctor said he was good to go. The reason I took this photo Zack wanted to see what his ear looked like. Don't you just love digital photography. Thank the Lord, Teresa

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