Saturday, January 24, 2009

Decorating for Valentines

I cleaned off the dining room table and put a Valentine tablecloth on the table. I also went into the laundry room and found my Valentine storage bin and looked for something to put in vases. I bought these last year at a yard sale. Since I had two vases Syd decorated one and I did the other. We started out by putting some red shredded paper in the bottom. Next, I found some Sponge Bob Valentines. I had bought two sets of hearts on sticks we put those in the vase. Then I found a package of heart necklaces so we divided those up between the two vases. Last I found some heart garland and we wrapped that around the bottom of the vases. I then put Syd's felt donuts in the middle on a heart plate ( I bought this last year and the table cloth shown at Target last year.) Syd uses the Valentine heart plate year round in her play kitchen. Target has the best Valentines decorations. I would love to go down there and shop. Sandy you should go shopping at Target and buy some fun stuff for Kaleigh to play with. Last year I also bought Syd a apron with a cupcake hat for $5.99. I love red so Valentines decorations are perfect.

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