Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last week Jon and I took the kids to ballgames all week. Jon and Zack went to three and Syd and I only went to two. We had a great time. Zack had the most fun running around with his friends. The first night there were National Guard giving away blow up sticks to hit people with and WYMT gave basketballs to cheerleaders to throw into the crowd. Zack loved it. Syd enjoyed playing with her toys we brought, watching cheerleaders, going to hospitality room with Wanda, and Perry Central Football brought a blow up thing for the boys to run through she thought that was a cave. It also had smoke coming from it. Yesterday we went back to Perry Central and she asked if the cave was going to be there. As you can see from the photo we won. Tanner doesn't get to play on this team it is the varsity not freshman. Tanner also dressed up he had a friend put paint all over him. He was on TV. Zack also made a video tape of him and his friend Noah on the news doing the sports. I loved watching it over and over. He got to bring home his newscast.

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