Saturday, January 24, 2009

I COOKED!!!!!!!!!

Gettting ready to bake
Got to use my pampered chef slicer and cutting board.
I put the pork chops on the George Forman Grill instead of the stove. Jon's idea.
Look I can cut up potatoes and Jon did not help .
My little princess helped me cook.
I bought a big bag of potatoes. I really need to use these. I guess fried potatoes.
Finished Pork Chop Casseroles
Canned Biscuits
I decided yesterday that I would cook. I made out a store list to match recipes. I am going to make pork chop casserole(Tab's recipe), cheeseburger dip, spaghetti, tacos, and something with chicken. I can cook even though I act like I don't know how. I just don't feel like there is any use in cooking when you have cereal, lunch meat and a microwave. Although I do feel like if I was an adult years ago then I would of cooked because we did not have all these microwave foods. When I go grocery shopping my buggy is usually empty until I reach the frozen section. If this section I am in my glory looking for new frozen foods. When I have company it is really easy to prepare a meal I just say we have plenty of food look in the freezer help your self. Zack can cook really good in the microwave. I taught him to try two minutes if it is not hot try another minute. Now my husband Mr. Miller he would love to have a home cooked meal. He is the only reason I planned out my recipes. When I cook I always think of the cooks at school. I know they would love to watch me in the kitchen. I have told them so many tales. My major one was when I was fixing microwavable mac-n-cheese the knew can in the cups. I fixed that and Zack told me to put water in it. I ignored him. When I got it out of the microwave it looked like fried worms. Can you believe someone could mess microwavable mac-n-cheese. All you do is add water to the line inside the cup and put in microwave for 31/2 minutes. Also once in the kitchen at school I called and told Ruth the head cook to put my water in ice so it would get cold. She said Teresa I can just put it in the walk in which is a refrigerator. I was like oh I see.
God Bless Me!

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