Monday, January 19, 2009

Simone's Birthday!!!

These photo were taken last night at Simone's 8th birthday at Dilce Combs Gym. The party was so much fun. I am glad Syd was invited. She is loving birthdays. She just can't understand why she doesn't get presents. Syd did love giving Simone her present. We had ballgames yesterday and she told Simone my mom is going to make you a present. She knows me so well already. I love giving home made gifts or special ones. I usually think hard about gifts. Well actually I think about it the day of the party and start making something. I usually give photos as gifts. At the party the children, played basketball, gymnastics, make up, made bracelets, and sing karaoke. Now that was a fun party. Simone also has a wonderful family. Her brother Braxton plays basketball with Zack.

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