Friday, February 13, 2009

A Busy Day!!!!!

Syd and Balen watching the game
I believe Syd thought the game was a loud
This was a fundraiser for March of Dimes. Each school sold these paper rings for twenty five cents each and after they displayed them at the ballgame they put them in a big pile. Syd saw someone playing in them so then she stayed there for most of the game.
Syd and Haley Patterson
This outfit is so precious. We sell them for $35.00. Just let me know what colors you want.
During the pep rally there was a spirit line. The students held balloons and in each one was confetti. This is the mess. Syd played in the mess.
Syd always get in my treasure chest when she visits my classroom.
This is a special friend Renetta. Renetta taught Syd a cheer. You stink.
She was so cute saying the cheer.
Derek dancing during the 100th day of school
Chloe and Syd eating cupcakes
Brayden in my classroom eating
My nephew Dalton dancing with Mrs. Linda
Zack and his friends watching from the bleachers
Today at school we celebrated Valentines, 100th Day, and a pep rally for tonight's ballgame. How busy!!!! All the kids at school had a great time. Brandie came up and brought her children for a visit and I went and picked up Syd from Monek's to bring her to school. All the students enjoyed the day.

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