Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Party at Tab's House

Last year we had girls night out with our daughters. Each month or twice a month we would all load up in Tab's vehicle and take a trip around Hazard. We went to JC Penny's and all the girls bought the same shirt, we went to Pizza Hut at Airport Gardens in the back party room, we went to Walmart and let the girls sit in the floor and look at magazines, then go play with the toys, we had a Valentines Party, pool party at Tab's, movies. We had so much fun. Then basketball season began and girls night out went out the door. Hey Tab we need to start that back up. We did have fun. Mattie is always asking me with her friends at school when are we having a girls night out. They love it and I love spending time having fun with them. Syd also loves it even though she is so much younger than them. Tab and Mattie planned a Valentines party for Mattie's friends and invited us. We had an awesome time. We played games one was called hot heart. It was like hot potato they passed around a heart candy and when the music stopped who had the heart was out. The also guessed the number of Hersey's kisses in a jar. Then they put a heart inside a heart who got the closest one won. We also had great food. Tab is always the best at cooking. She had several finger foods. The kids loved it they actually ate.

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