Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zack Mommy's Basketball Star

This is a good yearbook shot.
Look at my baby he looks tired.
Zack is in the third grade and loves basketball. He works hard at practice and on the court. He is also a well behaved child. He gets ready for school without my help and has since 1st grade. He picks out his clothes. He also packs his basketball bag and keeps up with all his homework. He is such a blessing. He makes me laugh when he thinks of odd things that a 3rd grade child usually does not think about. I also love the fact that he enjoys watching the morning news. After he gets ready for school he lays back down and watches the CBS morning news. He will also ask me questions from time to time about the news. Zack also enjoys watching movies. He will watch the same one over and over. He is my side kick and also my helper around the house. He is so much into wrestling. He is also loving wrestling cards. He is so creative in playing different ways with them. The other day I looked inside his DVD case he had gotten a fine line sharpie and wrote on top of the DVD slots the title of the DVD. How organized is that?
God Bless Zack,
Love Mommy

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