Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July in Tennessee

Special photo of all three, Syd didn't want her photo taken
Zack and Princess Kaleigh
Zack what a fake smile
Syd crawling next to Kaleigh
Sandy to the rescue now I can get a photo of the girls,
Sandy you need one of these for your office
Syd holding Kaleigh for a photo, can you tell she loved holding her
Syd thinking hey Kaleigh come here wiggly worm princess
Love this photo, mom made Kaleigh a dress to match Syd. They look precious, you don't know how long we waited for this moment. Kaleigh is so precious a perfect personality. She is always smiling and happy, however she never gets the chance to be unhappy. Mommy and daddy are always making their princess happy. Two good parents.
To cute, she will melt your heart
1st fourth of July family photo
Unhappy Syd no more photos mommy
Kaleigh's new playset
Zack I know he loves me so much when I came home for the craft fair, he met me at the car. He will go with me anywhere and loves to spend time with his mommy Teresa
Syd loved playing in Kaleigh's room
Kaleigh doesn't just crawl she dives as if she is a gymnast
My Syd again
Finally these two get to play together I wish Sandy and Brent could live in Hazard with all of us

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