Friday, July 24, 2009

Mom and Me Aprons

Mom brought the aprons over before I was out of my pajamas. I didn't care couldn't wait for Syd and I to put them on so we can match. Black Gold look out we will be
the two best salesladies at the festival. Come visit us at our booth
Close up of Syd's apron

I have been looking for aprons to wear for my craft show. The truth is I love them. On the Internet I am always seeing the cutest aprons. Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby in Richmond Kentucky when we went to buy a grid wall system. We bought these aprons in the clearance garden section. They were like $4.00 each. They came with hats and gloves. On the front of the aprons also had flowers. We covered with hot pink/white dot ribbon and zebra hearts. When you are out shopping at yard sales or junk stores think outside the box what can I do with something. When I arrive at these type of sales my head is turning thinking what
I can do with what. It is fun to be creative. Thanks mom for everything

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