Friday, July 24, 2009

Berea Craft Festival

How adorable these two look. We took them in their pajamas.
This was at Food City in Hazard getting gasoline.
Mom and Syd everyone loved this pillowcase dress. We had one lady come
and ask us for our business website.
This booth was my favorite set up with grid walls. I bought 15 of these I hope it is enough.
Tattoos made from wooden stamps. Balens little leg
Both Syd and Balen's tattoos
Balen showing his tattoos
Look at my Syd
This was the booth that did free tattoos. He was demonstrating on Balen's leg.
I wanted to go and visit the Berea Craft Festival to check out set up of booths. Sheila, Balen, Syd and Mom all went with me for the visit. The craft sale was 2 hours away. On the way we left early so we would get there by 10:00, however we arrived several hours later then 10:00. We went to yard sales all the way there. We stopped in Hazard, London and then went to several in Berea. We had the best time just looking for bargains. We also ate at two Wendy's, and a Fazolis. We went to a Clarie's Boutique at the Richmond Mall, Hobby Lobby, T.J. Max, and Peddlers Mall. Oh I have to tell you something, by the time we got back home Sheila was ready to jump out of the car and walk. It was to funny. I just laughed. I believe mom and I shopped to much for her. She did find a great yard sale with Abercrombie clothes for Devin. I am thinking of calling Sheila and Mom for another yard sale shopping trip tomorrow.

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