Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bass Pro Shop

Syd didn't care to take photos in here, which she usually does
Looking in the fish tank
Beautiful fire place
Zack and Syd as soon as we walked in the door I got out a small camera I keep in my purse and started taking photos. The dress Syd is wearing is a pillow case dress. It is Dora fabric with a zebra ruffle at the bottom. The ribbon at the neck line is 1.5 hot pink. I also made a bow with a
Dora bottle cap center with Sydney on the cap. This dress is $20.00 with free hair bow. This will be Syd's first day of preschool outfit. I also bought her a small
Dora backpack while we were in Tennessee.

I love craft stores and girly stuff. The boys love sports stores. Jon loves fishing stores. Syd loves toys. We all like to shop. If you gave my kids a choice of shopping or an amusement park. They would choose to shop. At bass pro shop there is lots of opportunity to take photos. There is props everywhere.

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