Friday, July 24, 2009

Bible School

Look at my co-worker Zack. He is my biggest helper in my business
Last night of bible school Syd on the inflatables jumping
Syd and Chloe look at Chloe jumping her feet are in the air. I love the smiles
Syd and Chloe eating
Tanner and Zack playing basketball
Mommy just happy as can be
Tanner and me posing for Cordis
This was Zack, Derek and Devin's class. Look they are in the back
Syd, Chloe and Balen's class
Pay close attention to this photo. I caught Syd and Chloe not paying attention.
They are laying back on the carpet not listening.
These are some more bible school photos I found on the computer that I hadn't posted

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