Friday, July 24, 2009

Headbands with Hair bow Attached $5.00 each

Black headband in Syd's hair $5.00
Another one
These are some colors I have available. I have all solids and dots.
This is a new design. The headband is covered in fabric and it slides on the band so it can be taken off to wash or change. You buy one band and different wraps. I love any thing interchangeable. I sell these for $5.00 each additional cover $4.00

These are for older girls 3 years and older. Each headband is wrapped in ribbon and has a large hair bow attached. I can make these in solid or polka a dot. Look at school clothes and see what colors of hair bows and headbands you are missing. Email me to order. Small bows $3.00; Medium $4.00 Large $5.00 I have also made all caps for school names. They are all zebra prints with school name in center.

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