Friday, August 1, 2008

Cleaning House

Tanner does vacumn, sweep, wipes down walls, takes out garbage, wash clothes.
Syd decided she wanted to eat cheese dip. She went and sat down where the plates and spoons are and decided to help herself. I thought I'm cleaning just let her practice spooning and playing in food. Look at that smile. She always says "It's okay Mommy."
Zack's chores are dusting, glass cleaning, wiping down doors and facing, cleaning all kitchen cabinets, laundry. Zack has not wanted to clean this summer. He is usually my big cleaner. I guess he is growing up and realizing that cleaning is no fun.

This summer I have learned to clean house. I have made a couple of big mistakes. First big one I was taking off fingernail polish and left my cotton on the coffee table guess what happened it took the wood off a big spot. Next big mistake Syd spilled Gatorade on my rug in the living room. I had spray Woolite and sprayed in on the spot the next day there is three big spots of faded on my rug. When the bottle says try in a spot first make sure you do that. I am sick over this. My thought process began if I would of learned to cook this summer who knows what would of happened. I give up I know we learn from our mistakes and everything can be fixed but these two mistakes where biggie. The pictures I posted where my boys learning to clean I don't want them to grow up and not help clean. I hope these two are the best husbands in the world. I wish is for them to do equal house cleaning and taking care of the children as their wives. Jon has shown them a good example because he always is helping out around the house and doing the honey to due list.

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