Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sydney School Outfit!

Hair bow
Bottle cap Necklace $5.00 each I can also put photos on these.
Hey I made the scarf. The scarf's can be made any design you choose. $7.00 each.
Dress made by mom. It has an apron in the front. $15.00 each

We signed Sydney up for preschool at the end of the last school year. Over the summer at the preschool/speech teacher training rules had changed. Any three year old that goes to preschool must have a disability. I wanted her to go under speech for language. Needless to say she could not qualify to attend preschool. Mom and I made her this outfit to wear the first day of school. Since I knew she wasn't going to get to attend she wore it to church. I loved this outfit. I will be taking special orders for anyone who would like to order one. They are $15.00 each. You could choose long sleeve with a fall or Halloween theme. Just email me
if you would like to purchase. We could also make one in school colors for a cheerleader uniform and put a megaphone at the top.

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