Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paper Dolls

I found an idea in one of my favorite magazines Family Fun. I have been getting this magazine for the past 15 years. I had kept all issues and took them to my classroom to store. Last year I got rid of all of them except for the holiday issues. Last year through PTA I had a code for anyone to get the magazine for $5.00 a year. These paper dolls were the American Girl. I had bought them at Hospice, Mountain Mission or Goodwill. I found them while cleaning this summer and could not wait to do this project. It took a few times of printing to get the right size to fit on the dolls heads. I laminated them and the clothes. Next I hot glued magnets to them and their clothes. I chose Syd's favorite girl friends. Her Granny Lelia, Granny Jean, Cousin Chloe, Mommy Teresa, Babysitter Monek, and Best Friend Mattie. Now isn't this just great. I put them on a picture stand in the kitchen to take this photo. Actually they look really good as a decoration. I think this would be neat to do one for each family member or for a child that lives far away to remember their family.

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