Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going to Church!

This was the last photo I took before leaving. She was mad and had enough of photo taking. She was being mean. Syd is like this. She hardly ever lets me take her photo. The boys were totally different they always would cooperate, but not my princess.

Love this dress. It came from JC Penny's. It would be perfect for Walt Disney World or a Minnie Mouse Costume. I am blessed every time I go to church with Sydney. She always wants to take her bible, a purse full or toys and snacks. She actually goes and picks one out before she goes out the door. This is probably her favorite thing to do get a purse and fill it full of stuff. I have everything organized in baskets so it does cause me to stay busy cleaning those purses out and putting back in the correct basket and also picking them up all through out the house. When Syd goes to church she loves to go up front with the older girls and stand there and sing. Mostly she just puts her hands in her pockets, clap her hands, or tap her foot. This day the music was not ready. She had to stand up there and wait. She became tired and walked down and came to me and said the music want work. The church was really quite we all laughed was an enjoyment. I told her to go back and get Steve to get the music going. She went back there and just looked at him. I can't wait until she will sing Jesus Loves Me in front of the church. I will be so blessed. The best parent advice I could give is to take your children to church. I thank Steve Howard for inviting Tommy to church and on down the family strings that had me to attend church. I never will forget the day that I joined Upper Second Creek Baptist Church. I had no clue what was happening. My sister Sheila was going to be baptised this day. I went up to the alter and was saved. Densmore asked when do you want to be baptised I said today. I hadn't seen anyone be baptised in so long I forgot. I did not have a clue what was going to happen. The big thing I did not bring extra clothes. I went home wet. I also did not get to invite my family to observe. Jon was not even there. The moral of this story you never know when Jesus is calling your name. Just be sure and answer it will be the greatest day of your life.
God Bless,

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