Monday, August 18, 2008

Master Bathroom

Rugs (Burlington Coat Factory) Syd's step stool (Brewer's Trading Post) Curtain ignore should not be there but serves the purpose.
Vanity and matching medicine cabinet a steal $250.00 (Lowe's) it was off to side met up with a good sales man and it was going to the Miller's house.
Counter Top same as kitchen. Hooray love this.

The border around the shower is how I decided on the design. This was the easiest way because I just got the colors in the border.
Notice the white ceiling this was the best price tile I bought. This is what you use for the ceiling.

I will let you know that I studied tiled showers on the Internet for a long time to design this simple shower.
This is the floor you have to get small tiles this comes in sheets for the floor. See the silver drain that is what caused me owe a lot of money. That is the whole reason for the remodel. Our drains kept on clogging up. I hope they stay clear of my hair.
Notice the $1.00 shoe boxes my favorite organizing containers. They all all through out my house. The reason I have decided on these. I don't like when you need more of something and you can't find what matches these are always at Walmart. I realize they are not as pretty as baskets. This is what works for me.
Door to shower instead of a curtain. I like this better.

Mirror (Marshalls), Vase(Garden Ridge), Towel Holder and Towel (Walmart)
Fabric Box and Clock (Hobby Lobby) Lamp (Yard Sale)
Metal Vases (Pebbles) Flowers (Walmart) Basket Holds Jon's magazines me look at the first one, Toilet paper holder this hangs over the commode at Burlington Coat Factory. I had never seen one of these before. I decided on this one so I didn't have to ask Jon to hand another nail. He hates that. I have also saw these at Walmart.
This was hard to design and find materials. I didn't quite understand what to get and of course it took a few Lowe's to get it all. Also when the tile man came and Tom said I got the expense tile. I did not know I could of saved money on this project. Tom loves these. I was not for sure about this. I thought just put a stand up shower the old kind in what does it matter. After using this shower I have changed my mind. It feels like I am in a spa resort. Ha! I love this. It turned out really nice. This photo shows the two corner shelves. Lowe's did not have much to choose from for shower accessories.
This holder came from Lowes in Corbin. I thought I would need more room to hold things. Look it is about empty. The two shelves would of been enough.

I hadn't taken photos of this part of my house so last night I thought why not. I am still not finished decorating. I still need a roman shade made. I have the curtain to use but not went to get it fixed. The colors match my bedroom. I am happy with the way it has turned out.

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