Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Night

Look how sweet. Syd did not want her photo taken.
Look at his face. I am going to crop this and blow up to 8 X 10.
This was Syd before coming in. I dared her to not go into the house until I was ready to follow her straight to the bathroom to take a bath. This was the dirtiest she had ever been.

Last weekend I did nothing. I just went from room to room lost bored. This weekend was not going to be the same. I decided I wanted a family night. Mom went and bought pizza from Pizza Hut. We ate and then went outside. I had planned on having a yard sale the first of every month all through the summer. Well that did not happen. I only had one the first of June. I had so much for a yard sale I could of opened a store. It was overwhelming to say the least. Brandie, Sheila and I went through and got out items for different people we knew. I boxed up more to take to the new Goodwill. So our family party ended up cleaning up yard sale items. The kids had fun.

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