Friday, August 1, 2008

Master Bedroom/Sitting Room

This is a Christmas tree mom bought me. Every Christmas she gives me money I bought this tree from a gift shop that was in the Huff Drug building. Yesterday when I was decorating the tree I thought I miss that place. Most gift shops never make it in our area. This tree was in my kitchen before the remodel. My house decorations have changed from Country to more today's style of decorating pottery barn style less is best. My country is still in my heart. No matter what I do the country always comes out in everyroom. I did not know where I was going to put this tree. Well the perfect placed showed up in my sitting room. Yesterday morning I woke up when Jon went to work and had a meeting and was afraid I would fall back asleep so I started working. I decorated the tree. The quilt under the tree mom made. It is call a rag quilt. As you read my blog you will see lots that mom does. She does everything for me. I love when she comes to visit and makes projects for me. If she just sits with me and watch me work it is so much more fun than by myself. I will call her and say come visit me today. Let's do this or this or that. Now I send her emails and says let's do this today. Then she will call and I will say well let me see because I have forgotten what I have sent to her because I send so much. I am laughing now.
This is a wooden shelf Jon made it goes along the whole length of the french doors. Love the border it came from a magazine like LTD. I forgot the name. You can also see the wood that we have in this room. It reminds me of a cabin. My brother Tommy Brewer from Brewer's Construction does all of my remodeling. He sometimes gets in a mess. Most builders do not want to do remodel jobs because it is not easy compared to building a new house. Tom doesn't care he does the job as if it is a new house. It makes me happy to know it will be perfect when he finishes. If I would not run out of money I could do more. I am now planning on a play house outside with two floors. I want the upstairs for Zack and the bottom for Syd. The top floor will be more like a tree house with a ladder to get in and the bottom will be more like a doll house for Syd. I have not planned this project yet. Jon says I'm crazy that is to much money where are we going to put it. I ignore and think I will figure this one out. It should be interesting. It is going to be her 3rd birthday present.
I got the two bookshelfs from Walmart on clearnace half price for $40.00 each.
This chair came from dad's furnture store Brewer's Trading Post I have two of these they have went from my bedroom to the living room and now in my sitting room. I love chairs that you can cover the cushions. This is an easy decorating tip. Just take the bottoms off cut fabric and staple. Mom is of course my helper when covering chair bottoms. The Raggedy Ann pillow was a handmade gift from my mother Lelia. She is also a crafty person. We are just alike. When they say that you pick someone to marry like your mother or father. Jon sure did this. We have the same taste and do the same things. We are always thinking alike. Love this pillow. I would rather have a homemade gift any day. It is so much more special.
My Raggedy Ann Area. Mom made most of these for me. My aunt Ella from Tennessee had the Raggedy Ann made from ceramics she had made it a long time ago and gave it to me that made it more special. The old window mom and I made this. We had glass cut from Home Lumber. This use to be my mirror in my bathroom hanging above the sink.
Above one bookshelf Boyd's Bears. The lamp I had in my old bedroom. I change the knobs and painted the lampshade and added border cutouts. I loved this lamp because of the drawers. I could not part with it when I re-decorated my house.
The other one.
In the middle of the book shelves I have a small cabinet. It holds all of our instructions for applancians, computers, anything that comes with a manual. That way I know where to find them if something goes wrong. The tall Raggedy Ann mom made. She is holding a candle light the ones people put in their windows.
This is my favorite decoration in my house. This was a first birthday gift from mom to Syd. Brenda Dunsil my special friend and one of my heroes. Anything that I have ever wanted to make I know that I can call Brenda. She can make cakes, sew clothes, costumes, cheer uniforms anything that you want. She also has great prices. If you look at Syd's room photos she designed my window seat, curtains, pillows, and the Dora basket covers. Her phone number is 436-3791 if you need anything. I never forget this number. The other day when I was putting my phone numbers in my new cell phone I of course put Brenda's in there. Back to this quilt. I have seen years ago in a Martha Stewart kids magazine for baby ideas a quilt out of baby clothes they were just squares. I wanted the actual clothes. Then I ask Brenda for Syd to be able to zip, button, the clothes. I chose Raggedy Ann fabric for the outline and the backing. In the bottom corner there is three hand prints cut out from Care Bear Pajamas. Which is moms, mine, and Syd's hand print. Syd will go and sit on the steps beside the quilt and say mom here you are. The outfits all have a special meaning. I have a bib a family friend Donnie who walks to my dad's store everyday and remembers all our birthdays that he made it is the Care Bear's one. I have her first RW and PCC cheer outfits. I have her first Levi jacket on there and several holiday outfits. This is a good time of the year to begin a quilt for a Christmas gift. Use some clothes that are special and suprise someone for Christmas a gift sure to remember.

This is for cards or pictures. We bought this at Pier One for ten bucks. I love that I decided to put my wedding photos on it. Post old photos of your wedding in your bedroom always keep that special memory in your heart. Remember all of your family memories are because two people fell in love.
This is a sign I picked up from the back to school bash last year. Free. Love this saying.

In Jon and my bedroom I have not posted photos yet. That is because I have not finished this room. Our bedroom use to be a one car garage, then a family room, then Syd play room, and now our bedroom. It is really small because we had to build a floor and then step down to a sitting area with french doors to go outside. Designing the bedroom in this way kept us from having to build the doors up on concrete blocks. We also had a half wall but needed an additional wall to have the television on. so this ended up giving me a little room. I didn't know what I was going to do so it ended up be a sitting room with our books. It is also a girly room with all my collectibles or should I say dust collector that you can't part with. Jon had build me a shelf to go the length of the room. I have wood walls so we put a Raggedy Ann border up on the front of the shelf when this was Syd's room. I am glad that I didn't remove it when it became my bedroom it worked out perfect for the sitting room.

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