Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

It had rained the night before so Syd said she wanted a rain coat. This was the closest thing to a rain coat. We do have rain boots. What a fashionable outfit.
Michael Jordan fans.
Mommy Teresa looking so skinny!!!!!
This is one of my good friends she was transferred to R.W. Combs this year. Glad to be working with Becky.
This is my cousin Donavin Brewer. He is my Uncle Darwin's grandson. Keith's son. It is such a pleasure to get to see him at school. I am so glad that his parents chose R.W. Combs as his school. Of course it is the best school in the county. Love this photo such a good first day of school photo.

Each morning for the first day of school I took on the tradition from my childhood of mom always taking photos of that first day. I do the yearbook at school so taking photos is not just taking photos of my kids but also the kids at school. It is so much fun. It never changes the anxiety thinking of the first day even when you are a parent or a teacher. It is an amazing feeling seeing all the kids and their parents that you haven't been in contact with for the past two to three months. It is the best feeling getting all the smiles and hugs from the students. Those are the true ones. I communicate better with children than adults. I guess I am more on their level. They are so true in their thoughts. Most tell you like it is. I always say if you want to know ask a child. The photos that were blurry looking was because it was so humid on my camera lens. I guess I will know now to wipe it off and take the photos quick. My outfit was only $12.00. I love shopping at Cato's mom and I go there and buy clothes five dollars of less. That way I sure get lots of new clothes. I can buy clothes from both sides women's and plus sizes that makes it better. I spent so much time in there. I also like shopping there because the clothes are all colorized. If you need a certain color of shirt to match a skirt or pants you just go to that section and find the color you need. Also check out the jewelry section in the clearance the best prices. I use the toe rings as Sydney's rings because you can just push them together to get the right size and they are sterling silver.

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Donavin said...

Omg, this is amazing. Its so odd to find someone with my first and last name. My name is Donavin Brewer, im from New York, and your cousin has my same exact name. Spelling and everything. In all my years I have never seen or even heard of another Donavin with that spelling. Truly amazing.