Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bible School Projects

This is my new TV stand. I have decided when we get birthday cards, or any projects, trophies that the kids receive that we will put them here for a while to display them. I feel that we do projects and we should display them as a piece of art.
This project was really simple. I got foam swords from dollar tree and foam letters. This was fun for all ages.
This project was for the babies. It was a special saying and the teachers traced Sydney's hands.
Sand art-Cindy Baird the nursery leader came up with this one. She was going to teach but bible school date was changed she already had vacation date set. Lois Miller and Deloris Collier was Sydney's teachers they did an awesome job. Every evening after bible school Sydney came out with all the stuff she made to show me. She was so excited.
This is a craft I copied from my sister-in-law Emily Miller. She just graduated from Eastern Ky. University with a teaching degree. She made one for my mother-in-law Lelia. You need a flower pot, stones, ink pens, green floral wrap, and flowers. You put the flower at the top of the ink pen and wrap with the floral tape until you get to the end. This was a little tricky for the kids that did understand how to wrap. Some were wrapped a few times in the same place. Oh well, I loved this project. We just put foam fish stickers around the bottom. If you would like you could make this using a bigger pot and put hand prints around.
This was a dollar frame, with a piece of scrapbook paper inside and foam Noah's Ark stickers from Oriental Trading. Easy, Easy but so cute.

This year I helped with the crafts for babies, preschool, kindergarten, first-second, third fourth. I will post photos of a few of the projects.

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