Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Party

Hey Mom I hope you had fun. When we played hide-n-seek she found us. I believe she peaked she found me quick.
We hid bugs, snakes and they found them. This was so much fun. The next day Syd ask to find bugs.
Brandie is so ready for the new baby boy. Please pray for a healthy baby boy and for Brandie. I can't wait it will be like I am getting my second grand child.
This was the first time to roast hotdogs with these three. They loved it. I decided to just let them eat off the sticks.
A group photo. These photos were all taking at Tom's and Pam's house.

Jon went on a fishing trip and I was bored so I decided to plan a family sleep over. No one stayed all night except my nephew Devin. Everyone said that they had to sleep in their own bed. Oh well, we had the best time ever.

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