Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Fun with Granny-Mamaw Jean

This was a sticky cross you pull the paper off and it is a sticker. You then put what you want on it we put buttons. This was a practice for Vacation Bible School.
Before I left for a meeting and mom was going to watch Sydney I put up a clothesline in the kitchen. I then put baby clothes of Syd's that I had kept for her to put on her baby dolls. She practiced putting clothes on the clothes line and take them down.
I saw this idea on the Internet. You take a cupcake holder cut it as show then glue a ball in the middle and we put a pipe cleaner on the back. A craft stick would of been better but we didn't have any.
Loved this idea. I saw this on the internet. My neighbor was having a yard sale. I asked her how much this make up holder was and she let Syd have it. I saw this on the internet I put together a crafy kit for her. She mostly likes to look at the supplies right now. She takes them out and back in. She loves it as much as I do.

Sydney always calls mom Granny but all the rest of the grand kids call her mamaw. Oh well, I had a meeting and I left some crafty projects for them to do.

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