Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Home-Living Room

This wall was taken out and columns put in. I love it this way so you can watch TV and eat from the table.

I am home tonight with just Syd. Tanner is with Scott, Zack is with Sheila, and Jon is fishing. I have been cleaning house so I thought I would take some photos of my house. This is my living room. My gold is really bright. I had previously painted my upstairs family room gold and I wanted a brighter gold color. It reminds me of the Mexican restaurant in Jackson. When we first had it painted it was gold, gold. I do love it now but wasn't for sure until I had my furniture. I have also not hung anything on the wall. I am waiting to be sure that the furniture is in the right place. Pam helped me with my decorating. I would go and buy something and then she would come and look. Then I would take it back. I should of took her with me. My main colors are gold and red.

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