Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Cousin Max

Look at this. Holding hands.Jon was happy to see Max don't Max look like a Miller.
Loved this photo had to share of course!!!!!!!!!!

Lelia and Arthur had the honor to babysit Max. We love getting to see him. He lives in Lexington so it is not to often that we get to visit with him. He is growing so much. He can now sit up by him self. I loved seeing him reach for his toys and get them to play with. Sydney loved getting to hold him. He is bigger than she is. He also looks like Zack when he was his age. To Emily and Greg, please let Max come back to see us real soon. I wish he could of stayed longer. I will send Tanner and Zack for a week to trade in for Max. Ha!!!!!! I believe you would get the rough end of the deal. They talk and ask for to much.

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