Friday, December 19, 2008

Attendance Bowling Party

This is one of my models. Her mother has been shopping with me. This shirt is $15.00 with a free matching hair bow.
Syd was watching the disco ball reflecting on the lockers.
Devin is going to get use to me taking photos.
Syd and Balen were dancing.
I am the President of the PTA at RW Combs Elementary. We volunteer to sponsor all attendance rewards at the school. For the first semester attendance for any student who had missed one day or less was rewarded with a bowling party and pizza. We had a total of 89 students to attend. My nephew Devin got to go so Sheila went to pick up Sydney at Monek's so she got to also go bowling. I was so glad to get to spend time with Syd. She also went shopping with Mom, Sheila and Balen. Syd loves to go with Sheila at any time. She would rather be with Sheila than anyone including her Granny's.

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