Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Zack loved his comforter WWE wrestling. He got this from mom and dad and couldn't wait to get home to put it on his bed. This photo was taken after he opened all his presents he wanted to go watch a new DVD he got. He also received a new portable DVD player. Zack loves to watch movies. He wants to have movie night and make popcorn.
I thought this was neat. When I went upstairs this morning. He had put his wrestlers on this table Jon made for him.
Hey look at the Tan Man. He was ready to go visit his dad for more gifts.
This is some of Syd's gifts. The matching clothes for her and a my
twinn doll I call it the Sydney Doll.
Here is a photo of the Sydney Doll and she also got a doll easel for her.
The past September when it was Syd's birthday I wanted to get this. I found it for
Christmas at Big Lots. I guess it was an old toy. When you can't find
something always try Big Lots I love that store.
Last night Zack counted all his mini wrestlers then he came down and asked me for those papers that had sticky stuff on it. I said Post-Its and he said yeah. He went and looked in the junk drawer and found some. Next he put a number on each one. I believe this was for a match. He drew out numbers and those two guys would fight. How neat.....
At this photo Tanner was driving Zack crazy. Tanner loves to get him mad. Zack likes to drive Syd crazy. It is always the older one picking on the child younger than them.
This is Syd and her Fancy Nancy Doll. Fancy Nancy is a doll based on a ready series.
It reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. You can only buy this at Target. There is several outfits, purses, and shoes that match doll and child.
Tanner is wearing his Christmas and he also wanted a KHSAA basketball.
Another photo of Tan Man
Syd unwrapping presents
Tanner trying to wake up
First photo of Tanner coming into the family room
Christmas photo in front of the tree
Zack's first photo of the morning
Syd's good morning smile
This Christmas Zack woke up at 5:00 and came down to wake Jon and I up at 7:00. Jon had told him that if he came down at 3 or 4:00 he would not get up but if he got up around 7:00 he would. Zack waited until 7:00 and came down. I woke up with my automatic alarm clock at 6:00 and said Jon I can't believe it is 7:00 and the kids have not came down. I was in shock. Next Zack came down and said are you ready. I told us he had been up since 5:00 and had went into the family room and organized every ones presents in stacks. I said Zack you shouldn't of done that and Jon said Zack that is fine. So I then re thought and said yes Zack it was fine. It was neat to me because he is an organizer. Oh well, I like to be up stairs before the kids come in so I can see their expressions. Each person took turns opening presents. Zack wanted to start with Syd, then him and finally Tanner. They started back over until the boys ran out of presents and then Syd had lots of presents left over. Each one loved all their gifts and Jon and I also had fun watching them opening them.

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Sarah said...

I love that first picture! Such a happy kid!! Happy Christmas!