Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Play at RWC

Chloe holding baby Jesus
Robin Kelly, Me, and Bridgett Maggard
After the play, Syd wanted to go and take care of baby Jesus
Love the smile!!!
Zack's third grade group was the grand finale they all have robes made from sheets and they sung. Go tell it on the mountain.
Zack was one of the students chose to wear a headset. He did a great job singing.
This is one of my best friends Davida Patterson's daughter Haley.
Mattie singing.
Devin was also in the choirs singing.
Derek also sung.
Find Zack he is beside his best friend Noah.
Carla Gayheart organized the Christmas play at school. Every student in the school around 450 students were in the play. It was an awesome organized play. The school bought her new microphones and also student microphones that wrapped around their ears. She was also privilege to have costumes made for the play. Barb Coots also helped she painted the sets and worked on the props.

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