Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making Christmas Ornaments 1 inch cubes

Finished Devin and Balen
Finished Dalton, Chloe, and Brayden
Finished Adam
I made one inch by one inch images four for each cube. If you look closely you
will see who is getting an ornament.
Syd helped me paint them all red.
A close up of Derek's ornament I signed all of them Mommy Teresa 2008.
Finished painted cubes
Sydney working on her project.
I printed off a photo of Christmas ornaments that someone made from wooden blocks. Last week Mom and I went shopping in Lexington. We went to Hobby Lobby. I had went to a Hobby Lobby in Memphis Tennessee this summer when we visited Sandy. I was happy when I found out there was one in Lexington. It is kinda like Michael's crafts, but also like Kirklands. They have really good sales and lots of home decorating items and crafts. I already want to go back. I bought the blocks at Hobby Lobby. I only bought one pack so I wish I would of bought more. I love giving ornaments to kids to save for their Christmas tree one day. My kids also have their own trees so they put all their ornaments on their tree.

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