Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at Granny Lelia's and Papaw Arthur's

Hey look at my man the Tan-Man. I rarely ever get photos of him because he is a teenager who doesn't want his photo taken.
Look at us the Miller chicks.
This photo is kinda strange look at my niece the first grandchild in the family with her own family. How precious this is one special lady. Who is an awesome wife and mother and shouldn't I say beautiful. How precious I bet she is also in shock looking at this photo it just makes it so real. I remember the first family photo I taken with all three of my kids I just sit and stared. You know as a little girl you want to grow up and marry your prince charming and then have a baby. Thank you Jesus for blessing Brandie.
Zack is in heaven he got new wrestlers.
Zack and Papaw Arthur looking at his gifts.
Granny reading the Christmas story.
Uncle Den and Zack ready to open presents.
Greg also waiting.
Emily and Max
Jon and Syd
This year we celebrated Christmas early because Greg has to work on Christmas. Greg, Emily and Max came and stayed with us for the past two days. We have had fun. I love getting to spend time with family. It is so much fun talking. Emily also helped me craft, which of course I love. She is also a teacher. We have a lot in common. I called her Mrs. Miller and asked her if she was bossy yet. She said no give her time it is common nature in a teacher, at least that is what Jon tells me and mom thinks it(I know mom). Lelia fixed some good food. I love it when I get food because I don't cook.

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