Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at the Brewer's House

This snowman outfit was made by mom. We make three piece outfits for $35.00
Syd helping Jon open his present.
A photo of the whole crew.
Tanner looking good.
Donna Kay the sweetest lady.
My oldest brother Clinton he works at my dad's store.
Chloe as always smiling.
Devin is growing up.
Balen loved his presents especially the one that Brandie got him.
Derek was ready to go home and play with his toys.
Tom as always happy.
Roger a great dad and husband.
Brandie is beautiful
My sister Sheila do we look a like.
My man Jon Miller.
Zack loved his presents especially his new WWE comforter.
Christmas at mom and dad's just keeps getting crowded which is actually better. I love having such a big family. Mom and dad have always celebrating Christmas by buying lot of presents. I also feel like I should carry on that tradition. If I don't buy the kids several presents it just don't seem right. I do believe this is mom's favorite time of the year. She does love to shop that is where I get it from. She buys so many presents. She also thinks of that perfect gift for everyone.

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