Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Around the Miller House!!!

Photos Jon's sister Sandy and brother Greg. In the back Syd's birth announcement. Jon and I at Syd's baby shower. Adam my nephew, love this photo.
This is my snowman section I will leave this out until March. Last year I bought these letter signs. They say Peace, Joy, and Wish. Love these they really show up against this black cabinet.

This tree is in our family room, which I call the big room. I use to have a 12ft. Christmas tree. I would like to sell this for $100.00 it is pre-lit. Jon and I just could not get it out. Way to much work. This tree I bought the day after Christmas sales. On the 12ft. tree I painted 5 X 7 frames red and attached ribbon to the back to hang up my frames. I still put some on the tree. The rest I put on the end tables. From the look of this picture I believe I could put the rest on the tree. I feel it looks bare.

Here are the frames. Far left, Syd's first Christmas with Santa photo. Tanner and Zack school photos. My sister Sheila and husband Darrell.

These two stockings are mine and Syd's.

These three are Jon's, Zack's, and Tanner's.

Snowman section in family room.

This is in our master bathroom. I put a few things in there to decorate.

This came from Josephina's gifts at Leatherwood. I use to go up there and shop but I haven't been there in a while.

This is in Syd's room on her dresser. It was given to her from Granny Jean. She also calls Lelia granny. So when I say something like you are going to granny's she says. Which kind of granny? I love it. A child's mind is amazing.

This is the top of Syd's tree. After Syd and I finished decorating her tree. I thought there was no Dora ornaments on her tree. This is her favorite right now. I went looking in her Dora toys and found this one. She got this last year for Christmas from Laceyn Hylton.

Syd's tree if you notice her tree skirt matches her wall and baseboard perfect. I also added some pink, purple lights. It took us a while to decorate I let her look at each ornament and talked about it before she put it on her tree.

I got these two vases this summer at a yard sale for $12.00. They were home interior. I thought what can I put in these. For fall I put pumpkins, gourds, pine cones. For Valentines I will fill full of hearts. For Easter I will do eggs. For Summer I will do Flags. There is all kinds of possibilities.
This was a gift from my sister, Sheila she bought this for me at Pebbles. I saw it and loved it. It was red, which is my favorite color.
Christmas Books. I keep these put up with decorations. When I get them out I put them in a basket. Syd and I have been reading them. There is a lot that she doesn't know about Christmas what better way to learn. Read, Read, Read.

When I did the Hazard Community College Christmas sale I bought this for $20.00 I loved the bright buttons, scarf, and hat. It matched my house perfect. I would like to make some like this one in Perry Central colors.
Christmas tree in the living room. This tree is my favorite one in my house. It has ornaments that I have had the longest. All of these ornaments are Tanner's and Zack's. Some are homemade and some are bought for them. Each year I buy the kids a special ornament.

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