Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Play at Church!!!

Isn't this the greatest photo. After the play Syd went up and took the microphone. I was glad that she got a chance to go on stage and sung.
Love Love this photo. Thanks Cordis for all my photos. I forgot my camera and I knew Cordis would come through for me. He took all of these. Cordis has a new camera and I would also love to buy one with my yearbook money this year.
I am so glad he took this photo of Jon and I with Zack. He is the funniest
but the quietest child I have.
My precious mother and me. I hope I am just like her I would like to be called Little Jean like everyone calls Syd Little Teresa.
This makes the third year Syd is an angel at church and she is only three years old. I hope she is an angel forever. I didn't really know when she was suppose to go on stage so each time the angels with up she would follow. So sweet.
Okay this is who Jon is in love with. You can see it in his heart when he is holding her. He is totally in love.
Our church choir singing during the play.
My best friend Tab, Ray and Tyler. We are so much a like.
This is a close up of the photo with mom. I have been giving my eyes a rest and wearing glasses.

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