Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It is late and I guess you could say Christmas 2008 is over. Please always remember the reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus. If you don't know him as your personal savior please go to church and get saved. I can not describe the feeling you will have if you follow him. Just look at Syd this was at the church play. Think about this please go to church and take your children. I joined church when Zack was 15 months old. Zack and Syd have been in church since small and Tanner has also as a young boy. It is the greatest gift that you will ever give your children. If you don't have a church I would like to invite you to attend my church Upper Second Creek Baptist Church in Hazard, Kentucky. Our pastor Densmore and the whole congregation welcomes everyone. We have Wednesday night and Sunday morning services.
God Bless,
Teresa Miller

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